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10 ways to make someone smile

10 ways to make someone smile

  • December 18, 2020
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A smile—easily done by turning up the corners of the mouth. However, sometimes a smile isn’t that simple, and sometimes you have to work hard to make someone else smile. 

Before we get into the recipe of how to make someone smile, it’s important to consider the whole situation. Did you do something to upset someone? How serious is this issue? Can it be solved with a smile? Unfortunately, there are times when a smile requires more than a simple muscle movement. And it’s important to accept and understand that sometimes you may not be able to help someone produce that smile.

In the case that you may be able to make a difference, it surely doesn’t hurt to try. Here are our go-tos for making our loved ones smile.

Unfortunately, not many people have the ability to smile, and a major factor that contributes to it is dental imperfections. Dental imperfections such as chipped, cracked, broken, or stained teeth can deteriorate one’s physical appearance and even pave the way for anxiety and depression.

It is perfectly understandable how imperfect teeth can take away one’s ability to smile. If you are living with dental imperfections, you need to consult a dental expert who can help you overcome the dental imperfections.

1. Bake them a treat: Now, this only works if a) the person you’re trying to make smile enjoys sweet treats and b) you are capable of baking. It’s also important to keep in mind dessert preferences. If you’re unsure, play it safe by baking a classic like chocolate chip cookies. Not only are they quick, cheap, and delicious, but they’re considered one of the four foods even picky eaters enjoy. Referring back to point “B”, coming up with something to bake, purchasing ingredients, doing the baking itself, and cleaning up, definitely counts for something. Therefore, even if your cookies end up burnt, you’ll most likely get an A for effort and still be worthy of that smile.
2. Treat them out: Dates aren’t just for your love interest or significant other. Even a mom, friend, or neighbor will enjoy a thoughtful date. So plan something out; this could be as simple as a lunch date or as extravagant as a full day of food and events. You select something based on your budget and what you think they would appreciate.
3. Compliment them: There are times when we all feel like we have superhero vision that focuses directly on our flaws. If you’re dealing with someone who seems to be suffering from this kind of funk, seize the opportunity to remind them just how amazing they are. And be genuine. The only thing more upsetting than being hyper-focused on your flaws is having someone give you a fake compliment.
4. Give them a gift: That necklace your sister’s been raving about, the new lawn mower your dad needs, or a new car air freshener to replace your friend’s empty one—these are all potential gift ideas. The key here is being attentive to someone’s needs and wants. The gift you give should be tailored to what that person will appreciate. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant and you don’t need to spend money to give them. Maybe your friend loves coming over to watch your I Love Lucy DVDs with you and you decide to give that to her. A gift is more than the object itself, it says “I was thinking of you” or “I appreciate you.”
5. Run an errand on their behalf: Some days feel like they just don’t have enough hours in them for us to get all our tasks done. Here’s an opportunity for you to help someone out. This could be as simple as dropping off a package at the post office, doing a load of laundry, or moving someone’s car for street sweeping. By anticipating what they need done and doing it yourself, you not only reduce their to-do list, but you’ve also expressed that you care.

6. Send them a text: Who doesn’t love a good morning text? How you start your day could affect the mood you carry with you the remainder of the day. This is your chance to positively influence someone by helping them get off to a good start. Say something nice, uplifting, and thoughtful. Didn’t quite make it during the morning? It’s okay. A friendly text can be appreciated at all hours of the day.

7. Surprise them: Surprising someone can mean anything. It can include any of the tips mentioned above or something entirely different. It could mean surprising them with a visit, a clean house, a home-cooked dinner, etc. The secret here is doing something out of the ordinary, that they don’t see coming. However, it’s important to be careful with surprises. Judge your audience because some people do not enjoy being surprised and see it as more of an inconvenience. You don’t want an upside-down smile when you’re shooting for the real thing.

8. Share something funny: Your dream for a stand-up career could start here. A good joke is practically a surefire way to make someone laugh and consequently smile. Before it comes time to deliver a joke you have prepared, you might want to come up with a couple back up ones, just in case they’ve heard your first one already. Not much of a comedian? Here are a couple of sites you can reference:
9. Listen: Maybe all it takes to get a smile is listening, that plain and simple. The person you’re trying to get a smile out of may just want someone they can air their grievances to—we can all appreciate a good venting session. And most times, they may not even need a response or solution to the subject that’s bothering them.

10. Smile at them: This is another free and easy way to get those corners of the mouth to turn up in your favor. You can try to elicit a smile by smiling. Smiles are known to be contagious and who are we to disagree?
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