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What Makes 4Smile.com Dentists Different?

The Verified Dentists on 4Smile.com agree to be clear and transparent about pricing to our members. Basic Members are able to search and book live appointment online while 4Smile Premium Membership comes with a 15 - 40% off dental treatments available at almost all of the dentists who are part of the directory.


4Smile is the only place online that lets local dentists to bid on your needed procedure to save you thousands of dollars all from one convenient dashboard. READ MORE

From notice reminders, after hour live chat support, and making it easy to re-schedule 4Smile.com has your dental needs covered. We know life can get busy and keeping your dental appointment might get put on the back burner.


That is why we have taken all the hard parts of going to dentists completely out. From searching to find a dentist you would love to getting an amazing cash discount we are here to make the entire process easy.

Each Verified Dentist takes an oath to provide the highest standards and service for members. If you have an issue with the recommended dentist just let us know and 4Smile.com will help mediate the issue right away.

All Verified Dentists are screen and checked by the 4Smile.com on-boarding team. We look for active dental license at the federal NPI and state level. Each dentist that is approved are interviewed and cross checked against a strict 15 point checklist before being able to join. 


The types of insurance, office hours, languages, and 15+ other data points about their practice are collected to make sure you can find the best local dentist. We wanted to make it easy for everyday people to find all the information they could need in one place online for their next dentist appointment.

All Verified Dentists have an opportunity to offer discounts and specials to 4Smile.com members. Sometimes these discounts are from 10-40% off to a free dental cleaning.

All Verified Dentist must go above and beyond to show they care about their patients. We require all dentists to treat our members like royalty. 

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