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Best Dentist in Austin

How do I find Top Dentist In Austin?

You’re a litttttle weird, huh? But we like it that way.  Eccentric should be your middle name… and maybe it is? Whether you want to wear a gorilla suit to the dentist or ride there on your unicycle while drinking a craft beer, we got you! Use 4Smile’s unique search filters to find the nearest, best match for you.

And if you just can’t figure out how to narrow your search, we can help. The following is a list of 10 Austin dental offices that come patient recommended.

1) Forest Family Dentistry– With three locations to choose from and evening appointments, Forest Family Dentistry may fit your needs best. In addition to their ceiling TVs, it helps to have a kid-friendly dental office.

2) Austin City Dental– Patients at Austin City Dental boast about the amazing customer service they get here. From the friendly receptionist, short wait times, to the attentive and informative dentist, they have it all.

3) Smile 360– Just because you stay on top of your oral hygiene, doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with your smile. Whether the root of your problem is poor sleep or a cosmetic issue, Smile 360 takes a comprehensive approach.

4) Enamel Dentistry– If you’re looking for a professional dental office that also has a fun and approachable attitude, patients from Enamel Dentistry say that’s the experience you can expect here.

5) Alpine Dental– Patients here say this family run business treats you like you’re one of their family members. It’s important to have a dentist you can trust. Patients at Alpine dental recommend going here.

6) 38th Street Dental– If you’re one of those dental patients that fear their dentist is always trying to overdiagnose them, people say their experience here has been informative and conservative in their approach.

7) ATX Family Dental– If you feel the most confident with your dental procedures when modern equipment is being used, ATX Family Dental merges modern dentistry with personalized care.

8) Walton Family Dentistry– Calming music, Netflix to watch, a friendly staff, and updated equipment are all aspects of Walton Family Dentistry that patients appreciate.

9) Northland Dental Studio– Patients here love that the staff takes the time to address any and all of their questions and concerns. They also take the time to explain what dental issues a patient has and what their options for treatment are.

10) Austin Dental– Oral health is not something that looks the same for every individual. Based on your needs, Austin Dental’s staff will tailor a treatment plan that benefits you.