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Another loose tooth that your child’s terrified of losing? Despite the generous gifts left behind by the tooth fairy, it’s common for children to be afraid of these changes with their teeth. Because children learn by example, it’s important to teach them the importance of oral hygiene early on. And what better way to do that than by sharing a dentist? 

The right family dentist will be able to care for your entire family. This will also save you time from having to schedule dental checkups at multiple locations and at different times. 

But how do you find the right dentist? And how do you know if a dentist is good? Choosing a family dentist is a major task, and it needs to be done carefully. Consider the following information before making this huge decision.

Benefits Of a Family Dentist

While good oral hygiene is necessary and extremely important for everyone, concerns will vary depending on your age. Some dentists specialize in oral hygiene for specific ages. For example, a pediatric dentist will typically only work with children up to a certain point. 

If going to the same dentist is important and more convenient for you and your family, then you will want to find a family dentist. The right family dentist understands the needs and concerns of young children with baby teeth and those who have already developed their permanent teeth. 

A general dentist will also work with patients of all ages. The main difference is that a family dentist focuses more closely on the different stages of oral health as children age. If you’re looking for a dentist who will take this deeper approach to your child’s oral hygiene and also be able to take care of the rest of your family members, you will want to work with a qualified family dentist.

Dental Specialties

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How To Know If A Dentist Is Good For Family

Are you unsure of what to look for in a dentist? That’s because the best family dentist for you will be subjective. Before you start sorting through the hundreds of dentists in your area, create a list of what qualities are important to you. This includes:

  1. Cost- You don’t want to make an appointment with a dentist you hear is great only to find out you can’t afford their services. That’s why it is important to find out what they charge for common procedures before you schedule appointments for your family. If you’re going to need to make payments on major procedures, find out if they accept payment plans or care credit.

2. Insurance- In addition to considering cost, you want to make sure your dentist accepts your dental insurance. Otherwise, you will be left paying out-of-pocket prices.

3. Experience- Some families feel more at peace knowing that their dentist has years of experience in their field. You may be able to find this information online. If you are unable to, you can always ask the office staff or the dental team. You can also visit the American Dental Association website to find out if your dentist is a member. Here’s what every ADA dentist promises to do.

4. Reviews- Personal references and reviews should also be considered. What are people saying about that dentist? Yelp and Google reviews are a great place to start looking for any red flags. If you’re looking at reviews posted on the dental practice’s personal website, keep in mind that only favorable ones have been selected to display here.

5. Dental services- Does the dentist and their team offer the services you’ll be needing? It’s hard to foresee exactly what you will need in the future. However, if your child looks like they are going to have crowded teeth and need braces, you might want to find out if your dentist is qualified for this.

How to Find a Family Dentist

You’ve determined what you and your family need, and now you’re ready to find the right dentist. Well, you’ve come to the right place. At 4Smile, our vast platform allows us to connect you with a dentist that will match perfectly with you. Here’s how to get started:

  • Gather your insurance information
  • Determine how far you’re willing to travel
  • Use our search bar to find your family’s next dentist

Oral hygiene is more than just a perfect smile. Your oral health is closely connected with your mental and overall health. That’s why finding the right family dentist for you is so important. Let 4Smile make your search easier for you. Start searching today, the right dentist awaits.

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