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Do Dentists Really Need to Have an Online Presence?

Social Media. Digital Marketing. Online Scheduling. Listings Presence. You can’t step outside without hearing these terms. But what does it all mean and why do you need it? Let us show you how you can use this to your advantage and scale your business for virtually no cost.


Marketing has always been something that was always talked about, but never fully understood. People think it’s just billboards, commercials, flyers, etc.  These are all active forms of marketing, but there are subtle “brand awareness” tactics that positively influence you into shopping at their establishment. Why is Nike more expensive than New Balance? Why is Subway the “healthier” alternative when their food is just as caloric as most fast-food chains?  What makes Apple better than Acer? Marketing.


Apples to Oranges


However, not all marketing is the same. Per dollar spent, Social Media proves to be a more affordable option than “regular” marketing. Traditional marketing can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to basically throw a bunch of darts at a wall and see what sticks. With digital marketing, you can spend a few bucks a day, and make sure your exact target audience sees your advertisement. You can even see HOW many people it reached and who went to your website. It’s way less guesswork than traditional marketing. With the appropriate dentist marketing, you can boost dental appointments and grow your business faster for less monetary investment. 


Site for Sore Eyes


Having a website is a critical component of your business. However, having a landing page only is not going to cut it anymore. What else is there, you ask? SO MUCH MORE. The more SEO friendly your website is, the more likely it is to rank on the first page of Google without paying Ads. Having a great online presence will help convert clicks to actual dentist appointments.

 Having features like constantly-updated blog posts will pump new blood into your website, and Google favors these websites over the website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years. They want to see that the dentist is active and engaging with the web searchers. The more value you bring, the higher your rank on Search Engine Results organically. 

87% of consumers stated that they would buy from companies just because they share similar values to their own or supported issues they cared about. 4Smile is a dentist software that can direct a lot more patients to your website, but if your website looks mediocre, they won’t stay on it long enough to even learn about your values or mission. It has to make a great, lasting first impression. 


Dentists using 4Smile love that it is boosting dentist appointments  by allowing patients to ask a dental questions, share their dentist experience and schedule an appointment online. According to this study, if you don’t allow your patients to book online, you could potentially be losing out on the 70% of people who say they prefer to book online. That’s A LOT of missed opportunity!  4Smile can help schedule dentist appointments online, so it takes that hassle off your hands. We can even verify their insurance, send appointment reminders and reduce no-show. 


More Than Meets the Eye


Social Media and your online presence are more than just pretty pictures and witty captions.  It gives your business recognition and makes you more relatable.  In fact, 54% of millennials use social media to research products before making a purchase. So, the message you send out to your target audience is a huge factor as to whether they’ll be coming to you or someone else. Also, utilizing influencers and having people see your products is basically free word-of-mouth advertising.  That, in and of itself, is PRICELESS. 


The More the Merrier


There are so many components to building your online presence. Social Media and a captivating website are just a couple of ways to get your brand recognized. Another great way to increase your online presence is to have your name listed on local dental directories. The more websites that link back to your website or mention you, the higher you will rank on Search Engine Results Page and the more credibility you possess.


4Smile is a dentist software & membership that puts you on a short list with other quality dentists. It is helping dentists build their online presence and generating leads to help local dentists acquire and build a new patients relationships at the same time. It’s a win-win! 


Is Traditional Marketing Trash?


Not necessarily! These days, having a strong online presence is about building relationships and recognizability with your potential clients. Being a dentist, marketing is just as important as your quality of work. If you do great work, but no one knows about it, it won’t go anywhere. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose one or the other. It’s actually quite the opposite! You can use it hand-in-hand with digital marketing to maximize your marketing strategy. If you’re having a lot of success doing traditional marketing, utilize your reach to direct them to your website and social media platforms.  That way you can double your reach, engagement, and “shares”. That’s twice the set of eyes! Utilizing 4Smile’s dentist software, you can grow your business while providing a higher level of service to your current patients. 




As a dentist, you know most people above 40 years old have a regular dentist they’ve been going to for years. The target audience should be younger people looking for their “new” regular dentist.  According to Hootsuite, 88% of American 18-29-year-olds use social media.  Therefore, most people won’t see your TV commercials or hear your radio ads because they either stream their TV shows or listen to Spotify or Pandora more than the radio. You have to know your demographic.  


Once they are drawn to your company, your website has to close the deal and make them want to reach out to you.  You have to have it all! Mediocrity just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Let us help you take your business into the 21st century.  Claim your profile at 4Smile today.



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