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Effects Of Vaping On Your Dental Health

Effects Of Vaping On Your Dental Health

  • November 12, 2019

Does Vaping Effect My Health / Dental Health?

Oral Effects of Vaping

You may already be familiar with the overall health risks associated with vaping. Vaping increases a higher risk of a heart condition and also seizures. However, the issue doesn’t end there. There is a long list of issues that keep growing due to the excessive amount of vaping among young individuals.

The use of e-cigarettes or vaping devices can have severe oral health issues, which can lead to notable disfigurement and injuries to the teeth and tissues.

“Vaping – it’s worse than you think.”

Using vaping devices causes excessive consumption of tobacco and can have tremendous oral health issues. In this review, we will be highlighting all the aspects of vaping and how it affects your health.

Compared to the traditional use of tobacco, vaping can be as dangerous as smoking – if not more.

One of the major issues following the use of tobacco is that it is targeted younger mindsets excessively, and its use is now increasing exponentially. It’s estimated that the use of vaping devices has increased significantly among high-school students and middle school students since 2014.

Since the brink of vaping devices emerged, their prevalence in the markets increased significantly. Reports show that the use of such devices has increased by around 78% in the United States.


Vaping and e-cigarette devices have become increasingly common nowadays. Not only professional adults but also students are also are using it excessively. Unfortunately, in the last decade, this issue has only grown worse, and no concrete researches have taken place in this regard.

The e-liquid in the vaping devices consists of glycerin, nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavorings as part of its formula. Some users even use THC as a nicotine substitute. In practice, vaping devices have a lower nicotine concentration than actual smoking. However, the comparison is not valid, as the concentration of nicotine in the vaping devices varies accordingly.

Reasons why people do vape

  •       Recreational enjoyment
  •       Circumvention of the smoke-free areas

Anti-tobacco advocates have especially shown their concerns towards the level of irresponsible marketing which has created the impression, particularly among the young population that vaping is less harmful than smoking, hence when they are vaping, they are protecting themselves from oral health issues.

How vaping Effects teeth and gums?

Recent studies have shown that vaping can have various negative impacts on your gums and teeth, which can deteriorate your oral health. Some of the issues are:

Dry Mouth
As mentioned earlier, some e-cigarette or vaping devices have propylene glycol and are mostly liquid-based, which can cause excessive mouth dryness. Mouth dryness can be a chronic condition that can come along with bad breath, tooth decay, and mouth sores.

Excess Bacteria
In a 2018 study found that teeth that were exposed to vaping or any other e-cigarette equipment had more concentration of bacteria than others. The difference was alarming was that it could cause crevices and pits of teeth. Excess of bacteria can cause cavities, gum diseases, and tooth decay.

Cell Death
In an oral health review of 2018, studies suggested that vaping aerosols can cause increased DNA damage and inflammations. Deadly fumes can cause cells to lose their powers and get divided. It can speed up the process of cell aging and eventually resulting in their death.
This might play a crucial role in addressing oral issues such as:

  •       Tooth decay
  •       Bad breath
  •       Dry mouth
  •       Bone loss
  •       Periodontal disease

Of course, the results that have been concluded from studies cannot exclusively position for creating a general statement. However, cells do get removed from their natural surroundings.
Long-Term research is mandatory in that matter to get a complete understanding of how the cell-death takes place through vaping and how it creates an issue for the overall oral health.

Inflamed Gums
E-cigarette and vaping devices have been known to cause inflammation in the gum and its tissues. This is a major oral health issue faced by the majority of smokers and vapers around the world. In a study published in 2016, reported that vaping is one of the significant reasons behind inflammatory gums.
Ongoing inflammation of gum is associated with multiple periodontal diseases.

Vaping Incidents & Stories

Recently a 24-year old individual from Texas died due to the explosion of a vape pen, and a part of that device ended up injuring the jugular vein severely.

Another story is about a young man who quit smoking and switched to vaping, thinking that it was a healthier choice. Believing that, the guy smoked a cartridge regularly. After vaping, he drank an energy drink to quench the dry mouth, resulting in him with a combination of tooth decay, tooth loss, and enamel wear.

Lastly, the story involves a 35 years old gentleman who switched to e-cigarettes. The guy was cavity-free for almost 35 years, and just after a year of vaping, enamel started to soften and erode with an increased risk of cavities.

Despite such incidents taking place rarely, it is still a primary concern that comes along with much uncertainty.

The problem here lies with the lithium batteries and vape pen exploding due to overheating. These explosions are attributed due to improper device charging.

Another report suggests that between 2009 and 2016, a total of over 150 incidents proceeded. The studies that followed this research showed that the number of estimated incidents had concluded inconclusively.

Comparison between Smoking Cigarettes and Vaping

According to a 2018 review by the “National Academy of Sciences” reported that vaping has relatively less or fewer oral diseases compared to smoking. However, this conclusion was based on very peculiar and limited research. What needs to be understood that this idea can evolve or may get altered as new researchers come forward.

In 2016, a survey was carried out between smokers and vapers, and it was found that vaping caused more incidence of gum bleeding and irregular plaque levels.

How can we help?

We believe your smile should always remain bright. If you are suffering from any vaping issues, it is time that you consult a trustworthy and experienced oral surgeon or a dentist that can take care of your oral health needs.
Just know that your smile is your most prominent physical feature. A pleasant smile goes a long way, both in a social and professional environment.

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