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Modernize Your Practice!

Stay Ahead of Competition with the Latest Dental Technology Solutions.

Did you know? Acquiring a new patient is 5x more costlier than retaining an existing one.

The most effective way to retain your patients is with your 4smile “Patient App”

New Patients. Patient Retention and more...

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The single most cost-effective way to attract new patients is through an active online presence and online marketing.

We have over a decade of experience catering exclusively to the dental industry and the growth of dental clinics.

Let's Grow!


Online Presence

Having a substantial digital presence can not only increase consumer awareness, but it can also work to strengthen your brand by building up your credibility and increasing engagement with your clinic on a more personal level.


Patient Retention

Acquiring a new customer is five times costlier than retaining an existing one. Having the right tools to keep your patients engaged and coming back can save an immense amount of time and money.


Online Marketing

Defining an online marketing plan that reaches your target audience is important because it helps drive more qualified traffic. It differentiates your practice and helps your patients understand why your dental clinic is the one they should choose, and what’s unique about your services.

Trusted by thousands of dentists


The best online presence begins with a 4smile Membership! We host interactive, branded profiles of top quality, verified dental professionals to increase online exposure in order to get free leads and new patients.

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Join other top dental professionals in your city that are reaping the rewards of being a provider on 4smile.com

Patient Mobile App

Your patients are your best asset! It’s time to upgrade from mass emails to your clinic’s own custom, branded mobile app. Your patients will simply download your app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and your staff will be able to engage with the app through the Admin Dashboard. Adding this fresh approach to your communication efforts will keep your patients engaged with your clinic even after they have left the office.

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4smile Clinic App

Patient app clinic 4smile appointment





It’s not a dating app, but we guarantee your patients will fall in love!

Modern technology for modern solutions.


Expand your business online with next-level marketing solutions for the dental industry. We are a full-service partner that can connect your brand to future patients, easy, fast and in one stop. Get ready for instant and highly measurable results.

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The most effective marketing channels for your business that we offer


By being a provider on 4smile, adding the Patient App to your clinic’s communication & patient engagement efforts and using effective marketing channels for your business, success is guaranteed to follow!

Amazing Advantages

4smile offers many services that are guaranteed to get new patients and keep existing patients coming back!

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Easy Patient Communication

A powerful Clinic Admin Dashboard allows you to easily connect with your patients through your Patient App

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Save Time + Save Money

With the right marketing and engagement tools, you will spend less time and money on paid advertisements.

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Complete Functional Solution

4smile Membership = Get new patients Patient App = Keep new & existing patients engaged and loyal to your clinic Marketing = Increase brand awareness and increase revenue

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Simplify Operations

4smile technology allows you to easily reach your patients and target audiences. Our system allows you to see live instances of patient satisfaction.

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End to End

We are unique because we give your clinic the tools needed to keep your practice thriving from beginning to end of the patient lifecycle. Get new patients, retain existing patients, improve patient compliance and ultimately drive better patient outcomes.

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Customer Satisfaction

The 4smile “Patient App” will not only give your patients a quick, easy way to communicate and stay in touch with your clinic, it also gives you a place to listen to your patients feedback and enhance your customer service for the highest customer satisfaction!

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