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Patient Advocacy

  • April 6, 2020
Patient Advocacy 2

Common Issues People Have With Their Dentists

Patient Advocacy

A dentist is someone who is consulted whenever you are having a problem with your oral health and want an expert’s consultation over the matter. Source: thefunchildrensdentist Having a problem with your dentist is nothing to be alarmed about. These things happen with even the best professionals. However, not many people know that there is plenty they can do to address those problems with ease. The relationship between a patient and a dentist is highly sensitive. It is important to discuss any concerns with your dentists to help address major dental issues effectively. It is also important to clear things up before they become irreversible in the future.

Common issues with dentists

A dentist’s job is extremely sensitive, requiring high attention to detail. The medical profession, regardless of whatever the specialization maybe, demands commitment and honesty toward the pati canent along with fair treatment. However, there are a few black sheep in the herd that degrades the integrity of such a noble profession. Source: fingerlakesfamilydental Here are some of the most common problems you might encounter with your dentist.
  • Problem #1: Pain isn’t the major concern

It might sound scary and concerning, but some truly educated individuals believe that if there is no pain in the mouth, it’s all good. However, the reality is far from it. High cholesterol doesn’t hurt either, but it is a major health problem, isn’t it?

What we are telling you is that sometimes dentists fall in this category as well. They sometimes carry out inefficient diagnosis practices that lead to patients get a false perception of their oral health. Therefore, it is important and crucial that only the experienced and well-acknowledged dentists are to be preferred. Even if it costs a few more bucks, it is not worth more than your health.

  • Problem #2: Not enough visits

Another major issue is that the dentist often advises their patients to visit them twice a year. This is not the most efficient of the statements, especially coming from a medical professional. Twice a year is only applicable when you have healthy oral conditions. Most people don’t. It is the responsibility of a dentist to provide complete and specific guidance to the patient’s health condition.

  • Problem #3: You didn’t brush your whole mouth

You must have heard this several times, brush your teeth twice a day, or maybe thrice a day. But, have you ever been told how to brush your teeth?

This is one of the most common issues found among dental patients. According to them, most people have perfect teeth from the front but have terrible oral conditions on the back. None of the dentists have ever told them about how they should be brushing their teeth. Evidently, patients only brush what others can see.

  • Problem #4: Too expensive

For every individual without health insurance, avoids visiting a dentist. One of the major reasons why patients decide against dental insurance is because even with a dental insurance plan, there is not enough coverage.

The majority of the dental plans only cover up to around $1,500/year. This will not be enough to cover your kid’s braces payment, which will cost you approximately $6,000.

Cost is one of the primary reasons why patients refrain from visiting a dentist. This not only puts patients usually put their dental health in jeopardy but also deteriorates the overall health as well.

The annual inflation rate has also put an additional burden on the dental patients where they have to spend at least a fortune to get oral surgery or tooth extraction. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau, between 2008-12, prices of nursing home care, hospital services, and daycare services all have been raised high due to the yearly inflation rate.

A normal dentist’s average income is around $200,000. It the dentists have done some kind of specialization, then the average salary would be about $300,000. But this is still not the bigger concern.

The major concern is that some private dentists are charging significantly higher than what the industry standard cost is. This creates a disparity and a lack of trust among the patients. It can lead to people avoiding dental visits more and prefer to fall into healthcare problems, especially related to oral health even more.

  • Problem #5: Not spending enough time

A major problem that is common in all the issues that have been mentioned above is the lack of commitment of a dentist towards the patient. An average individual must spend at least 10 minutes on flossing and brushing every day. However, not many dentists have provided this instruction, which leads to patients spending 2-3 minutes at max

What can You do?

Some dental societies have a dispute resolution system, also called a peer-review. It helps in resolving occasional dental treatment disagreement thapeert takes place between you and your dentist. Source: Peer Reviews are always impartial and are one of the most accessible means of resolving any underlying misunderstanding regarding the quality of care and appropriateness of the treatment. For example, if your dentist is charging an excessive amount of fee for dental treatment, it can be solved through peer-review. The purpose of a peer-review committee is to behave as a mediator in the whole matter. There might be a need to discuss the issue in person, along with an examination to take the place of a dentist’s clinical record. The question is, should the committee decide to go with the patient? Make recommendations for refunds entirely or partially or maybe ask the dentists to give free dental treatment. The committee can also go in favor of the dentist too. If the treatment provided does meet the standards and is appropriate. Most of us are afraid to visit the dentist, this usually happens with a bad dental experience in the past. If you are not happy or satisfied with the dental service you have been provided then, your best option is to read the terms and condition document and learn more about your rights. If your dentist is not providing you the remedial work or you’ve lost confidence in your dentist entirely, then you can make a claim of personal injury. But remember, you also need to have the right reasons and justify them.

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